Intelligent Live

We create full Live Commerce Experiences
From Audience Funnelling to Live Streaming Shopping Events

Who we are

The Jump is a Live Commerce Centric Agency. Our mission is to disrupt the Global Retail & Advertising industry using the power of Live Commerce.


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs with over 30 years in the e-commerce and marketing industry. We are pioneers in designing and implementing the most effective customer journeys, through live commerce conversion funnels.

Discover our Intelligent Live Commerce

Accelerating Conversion

Conversion rates approaching 30 percent—up to 10X higher than in conventional e-commerce.

A new revenue stream for brands and retailers.

An innovative Live &
Data-Driven Experience

We use analytics-derived insights and machine learning to
develop real-time Live Commerce Shows for optimizing audience segments and product sales.

Entertaining and immersive

A Live Commerce Show brings Interactivity, Engagement, and Loyalty. An innovative channel where Brand Awareness and Sales Performance meet.



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